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Queer Theory

Five individuals with little in common – but each of whom might identify as “queer” – find themselves on an all-day panel devoted to Queer Theory. Who will survive?

Author’s Note: What is "Queer Theory" and how does it relate to ME? Are queer theorists and scholars devising ways of thinking about lesbian, gay, and trans- lives that will help me understand myself? Or are they spinning on gerbil wheels, spouting ideas without consideration for everyday pleaasures and pains? This musical play brings together characters from the pantheon of "queer studies" to tease the underpinnings of this new branch of the academy. Will queer studies be useful? Or will it be an ivory-tower distorting mirror that stretches everyday practices and ideas into high theory - just because it can? Queer Theory is a relatively new area of academic inquiry. Like any other horserace, we start at the moment of its greatest potential, with the shout: AND THEY'RE OFF!


QUEER THEORY! An Academic Travesty
    written and directed by Thomas F. DeFrantz

Eve (a woman like Eve Sedgwick)     Margaret Ann Brady
Lilith (a strong woman)     Amatul Hannan
Michel (a man like Michel Foucault)     Albert M. Chan
Jim (an everyday gym rat)     Eric Hubert
Daddy (a trans- trickster)     Thomas-André Bardwell

Settings by     Mirta Tocci
Lighting by     Jennifer Simon
Costumes by     Eugene Tan

Production Manager     Jed Barnum
Production Stage Manager     Karin Webb
Assistant Director, ASM     Hortense Gerardo

Master Electrician     Matthew Martino 
Light Board Operator     Kat McGuire 
Sound Board Operator     Chad Downing
Followspot Operator     Emily R. Kefferstan 
Technical Diva     Angie Thibault
Graphic Design     David Reiffel

Session One: Queer Mythologies
    Adam and Lilith
    Eve’s W/ri[gh]ting Chair
    My Queer Body: Palms
    Marlene Dietrich
    My Queer Body: Toes
    Queer Television Shows

Session Two: Everyday Queer Praxes
    Jim Bunny in his Natural Habitat
    Michel as the Marquis de Sade
    My Queer Body: Biceps
    Daddy’s Turn
    Lady Cab Driver

Session Three: Queer Hysterias
    My Queer Body: Hair
    Eve Rallies
    My Queer Body: Crotches
    Michel’s Anatomy Lesson    
    Our Place at the Table

CODA:    The Final Travesty: The Birth of Eros, Or, The Birth of Queer