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About Slippage

SLIPPAGE: PERFORMANCE|CULTURE|TECHNOLOGY, the innovative performance research group led by MIT Professor of Music and Theater Arts Thomas F. DeFrantz, was founded in 2003. The interdisciplinary group explores connections between performance and emergent technology in the service of theatrical storytelling. SLIPPAGE has received Creation Funding from the National Performance Network for the development of QUEER THEORY! AN ACADEMIC TRAVESTY (2006), which was commissioned by the Theater Offensive of Boston and the Flynn Center for the Arts in Burlington, VT.  The work was subsequently toured to Los Angeles and Wellesley, MA. In 2004, SLIPPAGE presented Ennobling Nonna, (EN), a solo performance work devised by Maria Porter, a professor of acting at CW Post College. EN has been performed in Denmark, Peru, Cuba, Italy, and at several venues in the United States.  SLIPPAGE premiered CANE, a responsive environment work, at MIT in March, 2009. The group has several projects in development, including a wearable technology dance work THE HOUSE MUSIC PROJECT, developed in collaboration with researchers at the University of Texas, Dallas.  

SLIPPAGE has sponsored an array of academic and artistic symposia at MIT and beyond, including continuing support for the Black Performance Theory Working Group, and the Configurations in Motion: Curating for Communities of Color symposia of 2015 and 2016.