SLIPPAGE@Duke is a think-tank, an interdisciplinary performance research group that explores connections between performance, history, theater, and emergent technology. Under the direction of Duke professor Thomas F. DeFrantz, SLIPPAGE@Duke builds on the urgent need for intentional, critical, and timely interaction among artists, researchers, audiences, engineers, faculty, students, and general publics in the arts. Located in the Rubenstein Arts Center on the Duke campus, SLIPPAGE@Duke has a special imperative to organize cultural events that help us all imagine how creativity and expression operate at the core of artistry, humanity, technology, and social possibilities. SLIPPAGE@Duke produces conferences, symposia, workshops, and artist exchanges in events that mark social progress via research in performance. Recognized globally, SLIPPAGE@Duke remains at the forefront of innovative thinking and reinforces Duke University’s status as one of the leading research universities in the world.