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Monk's Mood

Monk’s Mood explores tap dance as a narrative form of storytelling augmented by digital technologies.
Monk's Mood: A Performance Meditation on the Life and Music of Thelonious Monk

Creating TAP DANCE phrases in response to MONK’s evocative and erratic playing inspired the WALL OF SOUND approach that often works against the basic pulse of the music. MONK?S MOOD began as an exploration of Monk’s life and music, but became a meditation on the CREATIVE PROCESS itself. As often as not, the work considers the desire to COMPOSE. What are the terms of isolation that allow artists to create something from nothing, and how does that solitude affect their well-being? The digital pads on the stage are connected by computers to audio and video mixers to generate sound and image. Dance steps trigger the sound and imagery that accompany the story of Monk’s life. The PADS take on the character of the BARONESS; become the JAZZ ALL STARS that Monk performed with, however briefly; and offer a COMPOSITIONAL DEVICE for his ode to Billie Holiday.

Full Performance: